Wand Essentials 8 Speed Rechargeable Massager Black


Wand Essentials 8 Speed 8 Mode Rechargeable Massager. Enjoy the erotic side of massage with your Wand Essentials 8 Speed 8 Mode Rechargeable Massager. Try out all eight of the amazing vibration speeds and pulsation modes to find your perfect pleasure combination. Whether you choose a lower speed to sooth and tease or a higher speed to massage and stimulate, you are sure to find a sensation that is perfect for whatever you crave. The pliable massage head is attached to a flexible neck that bends as you apply pressure. Lightweight and quiet, this Wand Massager delivers stimulating vibrations just the way you want them! Once your wand is charged, it is cordless and ready to please anywhere your fantasies take you.

Measurements 12.5 inches overall length, 2.42 inches diameter massage head. Materials Thermoplastic Rubber TPR head, ABS plastic handle. Color Black. Note 110 Volt power cord. Lithium rechargeable batteries were not used in the construction of this model. Instead, the rechargeable Wand use NiMH Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable batteries.

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