Emma Heating Wand Plum Red


This is a powerful and lasing massager that can be used at any angle, with constant heating function. The built in heating core in Emma can heat to 98 degrees Fahrenheit, which is close to human body temperature. This warm touch is more like skin, greatly reducing the sense of rejection to the human body. The rotational massager probe can comfort all sensitive parts of your body; angle is not a problem anymore.

The replaceable rabbit ear shape silica gel head can provide you a different, dynamic and fresh way to play, using cute rabbit ears to explore the passion codes in your heart. Be a sexy bunny girl tonight! Powerful vibration lasting for up to 48 hours stimulates every G spot in your body and the unique constant heating function can avoid cold feeling in the winter nights. The 100 percent waterproof feature makes the daily use and cleaning incredibly easy.

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