6 Amazing Vibrators for Steamy Millennial Sex

Generation Y or millennials are showing that they are not afraid to maximize their playtime in the bedroom. In a sex survey done by SKYN Condoms two years ago, 25% of the respondents said that they regularly use vibrators in their sex play.

Young, on-the-go millennial women aren’t ashamed to use a vibrator or stimulator to achieve a quickie like their mothers may have been just a generation ago. And the stigma for men about being in competition with their lady’s electronic gadget is also changing as more men realize that a vibrator can be a bro in the bedroom, helping them achieve more intense orgasms in their partner.

Vibrators have come a long way in just the past decade. Here are six of the best ones that we know about that combine functionality with a sexy design aesthetic. And if there any any boys reading this blog post thinking about getting a gift for the woman in their life, we are also thinking about the tech side for you.


1. Barbara Rechargeable Ribbed Rabbit Vibrator (in Red)

One of the newest rabbit style vibrators on the market, the Barbara is the Tesla in the vibrator world. Covered in medical grade silicone, the feel is silky smooth on skin. There are eight different vibrating modes including a smart mode that shifts upward to follow her arousal. Made to stimulate both the woman’s G-spot and Completely waterproof, the Barbara vibrator is also completely rechargeable.


2. Touch USB Rechargeable Vibe Waterproof (in Purple)

Fitting smoothly into your palm, the Touch USB Vibe gives you up to two-hours on a single charge. It’s small and compact, making it a snap to take travelling with you. There are eight modes of vibrational power to play with, from small waves of stroking energy to an intense rumbling level at its max. Also waterproof, the Touch comes with a long-lasting rechargeable battery and shipped in recyclable materials.


3. Lelo Ora 2 Deep Rose Oral Sex Simulator

Technology is quickly starting to catch up to the uniquness of the human tongue. At the cutting edge of sex toy tech is the Lelo Ora 2, an oral sex simulator that incorporates smart software to realize more intense orgasms. By moving the Lelo Ora 2 in small circles, you can feel a wide range of oral sensations such as rapid pulsation, quick flicks, swirling rubbing patterns and magnified waves of sensation. There are 10 different modes to explore, and a feature that allows you to increase the power by 30% at the push of a button. All of this in something that only weights 1.8 ounces. Don’t you just love the power of miniaturization?


4. We-Vibe Sync Couples Vibrator Aqua (in Blue)

Instead of letting just one be the focus of your vibrator, why not make it two? This couples vibrator does just that, being completely adjustable to fit the shapes of yourself and your partner. Waterproof and made from silicone that’s made without latex, the We-Vibe can be synced so both of you feel the same sensations together at the same time. Connect your We-Vibe to the app and command it to do whatever your hearts desire.


5. Rhythm Bhangra Purple Wand Body Massager

Wand vibrators have been around for decades. The Rhythm Bhangra Wand takes advantage of new manufacturing techniques and energy advancements to beef up its power levels. Select from seven different rhythms and then pick from one of five levels of intensity. Three different attachments come with this vibrator allowing you a lot of variety and experimentation options. The charge is good for up to two hours of use. Perhaps the Rhythm Bhangra’s most unique feature are the LED colors it illuminates depending on which mode you have selected. It’s a bit of Bollywood in your bedroom.


6. Mimic Manta Ray Handheld Massager (in Black)

We’ve saved perhaps the most unusual looking vibrator for our last to be profiled. The Mimic Manta Ray was designed to fit ergonomically in the palm of your hand, letting your fingers and palm wrap around it fully. Because of its’ tapered tip, you can expertly direct the Mimic Manta Ray to very precise spots on your body. It also emits a soft LED glow in the dark so you (or your partner) can keep track of the action visually. Also completely waterproof, with eight settings.


With that sort of variety available for millennials to choose from, what’s stopping you from making a decision and picking your favorite?

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